Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Completing rehabilitative exercises prior to undergoing surgery has been shown to produce better outcomes for patients both immediately post-op and even 2 years afterwards. These programs need to be specific to the patient to take into account for healing tissues among other things and generally are conducted over a 5 to 6 week period. Our Physiotherapists at East Vic Park Physiotherapy can assist you prior to your knee, shoulder, hip, ankle and spinal surgery to give you the best chance of bouncing back to 100%.

Here are some examples of the benefits of Pre-operative Rehabilitation:

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5-weeks of intensive pre-op strengthening prior to ACL reconstruction has been shown to improve outcomes post-op including return to sports (+24.6%), Pain Levels (+11.5%), and everyday activities (13.8%) compared to normal pre-op protocols.



Attaining 90% symmetry (compared to uninjured side) for quadriceps strength, hamstrings strength and four, single-legged hop tests prior to surgery, resulted in superior knee function at 2-years follow up compared to usual pre-op care.

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There are benefits in the use of pre-operative physiotherapy on improving patient satisfaction, pain reduction, and quicker discharge from hospital in patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery.

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